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Hotlinking files in 6 simple steps

Tips and Tricks Scylla de Magalhaes 27 July 2016



  1. Open two copies of ArchiCAD. In the first copy open the project you are currently working on.
  2. In the second copy of ArchiCAD create a new blank file, and name it i.e. ‘hotlink_library.pln’.
  3. Import all modules you might need into a ‘hotlink_library.pln’ file.
  4. Now whenever you want to place a hotlink module (i.e. a certain type of bathroom or a balcony) somewhere in your project file, simply select it in the ‘library’ file, copy, then paste it into the project file.
  5. You can check Hotlink Manager now (File/ External Content/ Hotlink Manager) – the hotlinks are now all listed as if they were imported through Hotlink Manager.
  6. Note that with copy-paste the hotlinks will all be placed in the same location as in the ‘library’ file – you will have to drag them to the desired location after placing.



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