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How Do Pens Work?

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 1 April 2019

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How Do Pens Work?

In ARCHICAD, each Pen has a unique number which is assigned to elements. Each Pen also has a task – which you’ll find in its description.

We can therefore have Pen Sets which help us model and Pen Sets which we can use to print. The colour of a pen is not necessarily important, what is important is the Pen Number and The Description – the colours simply help us understand what elements we are looking at.


Pen and Colors Model View


Thicknesses or Pen Weights can change from Pen Set to Pen Set. The thickness listed is the exact thickness the line will print at – regardless of scale chosen. We can set the thickness of the line in either mm or pt sizes.

setting the thickness

Happy Modelling!

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