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How to Check Undefined Markers in Archicad?

Tips and Tricks Delpak Zadeh 8 August 2019

How to Check Undefined Markers in Archicad?

In Archicad marker can exist independently to viewpoints, views or drawings: it’s “undefined”. The check marker palette helps find all of those undefined markers so that you can either delete them or link them to something. The Check Markers Palette is available: •from Window > Palettes > Check Markers.

Checking Markers

Markers are listed, and can be sorted, according to the following:

•Placed to: ID and name of the viewpoint in which the marker is placed.

•Selected item: Name and ID of the marker’s referenced item (i.e. the viewpoint/view/drawing one you chose when defining the marker reference). If this referenced item has been deleted from the project, this column will show “N/A”.

•Approve: Editable checkbox for each marker.

You can sort items by any of these properties by clicking on its column header. You can then perform a secondary sorting function: clicking a second column header will further sort within the hierarchy obtained by the first sorting.

Check Markers Dialog



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