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How to Export Your DriveWorks Variables to Excel

Tips and Tricks Bill 16 July 2019


How to Export Your DriveWorks Variables to Excel

I was asked recently: “Can we export the list of DriveWorks variables, complete with rules, into an Excel table?  This is so I can create a data map of my whole system.”

I replied:     No and yes. 🙂


DriveWorks Administrator Window

Driveworks variables

No, in that there is no way I know, or can find, to simply export the list of variables straight to Excel.

Yes, in that there is a process that can get the list of variables into Excel.  Well, you get the variable name, the rule and the comment columns, at least.  The process is as follows:

1.  Select the Categories folder at the top of the variable list in the left hand pane.

2.  Click the Show Child Variables option – this will list ALL variables in the right hand pane.

3.  Select all the variables in the right hand pane:
–  Ctrl+A doesn’t work, so click the first variable, scroll down to the bottom of the list and shift+click the last variable.

4.  Select Copy from the menu or press Ctrl+C.

5.  I found that if I paste the data directly into Excel, Excel treats some of the DriveWorks rules as formulas, which means you don’t see the rule/formula in the cell; you see the result of the rule/formula instead. This is because some of the rules come in to Excel and start with an = sign, while others start with “=.  The ones starting with a just an = sign become Excel formulas; the ones starting with “= become text.

6.  A better process is to paste the data into a Word document first, however you need to do a little editing:

a)  Replace all instances of “= with = (include the double-quotes)
This ensures all rules begin with a single = sign

b)  Then replace all instances of = with ‘= (include the quote)
Having all the rules start with a single quote (‘) makes Excel treat them as plain text

7.  Now select all the text in the Word document and paste it into Excel – all the rules should now appear, although as I said earlier, you only get the name, rule, and comment

I hope this is helpful information.  If you try this process, but need help, please contact me on bill.murch@centralinnovation.com.  I’ll be happy to help you.


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