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How to Save a .mod file

Tips and Tricks Gareth Morgan 21 September 2020


How to Save a .mod file

The easiest way to share a small part of your project is to create a module file.

How to Save a Mod
1. Select only the elements you want to include in the file.
2. Use Ctrl+C (PC) or Command+C (Mac) to Copy the elements (or click on Copy from the Edit menu).3. Choose File>Save As, and set the file type to be Module File from Clipboard.

Note: There are two options for saving a module file. Be sure to choose Module File from Clipboard, not Module File.

Read more here https://helpcenter.graphisoft.com/user-guide/65663/


Module files can also be a great way to store a detail library (each mod is it’s own detail) When you need the detail, drag and drop this into your project and continue editing.

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