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How to update the filename in DriveWorksXpress

Tips and Tricks Bianca 18 September 2019

How to update the filename in DriveWorksXpress

Have you ever opened a DriveWorksXpress project and found there is a big red cross through the part?

Opening DriveWorksXpress project

This means the part file can not be found.  You can double click the part and browse to the file to update the link if the file is the same name and has just been moved, but as it will only allow you to browse to a file of the same name, this does not help if the name has changed

Opening File

There is a solution. You can open the DriveWorksXpress database in Microsoft access and edit the name.

The DriveWorks database name is listed at the bottom left corner of the DriveWorkXpress window

DriveWorkXpress window

Locate the file in Windows Explorer and open it in Microsoft Access

Double click on the AssemblyType Table and you can update the path or name of the file

AssemblyType Table in MS Access

Close and reopen the DriveWorksXpress project and the filename has been updated

Reopening the DriveWorksXpress project

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