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How to Use Solidwork’s Stack-up Tolerance Analysis Tool Called TolAnalyst

Tips and Tricks Naqibullah M 16 October 2019

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How to Use Solidwork’s Stack-up Tolerance Analysis Tool Called TolAnalyst


TolAnalyst is a Solidworks add-in tool used to perform stack-up analysis on assembly files. It uses the dimensions and tolerances for every component in the assembly generated using the DimXpert tool. To use the TolAnalyst;

  • On the main menu, click on Tools (1) Add-in (2) as shown below:

Selecting Add-ins


  • Make sure the Add-ins  TolAnalyst (1) is checked. Then click OK (2).

Checking TolAnalyst

  • From the DimXpertManager tab (1), select TolAnalyst Study (2) as shown below:

Selecting TolAnalyst Study

  • In the Measurement window, select the faces or edges which you want to apply tolerance analysis using the Measure From (1) and Measure To (2) boxes and place the value wherever (3) fit. In this case the distance between the flat face of the Rod and bottom face of the base plate is selected. Click the next button indicated by (4).

Measurement window

  • In the Assembly Sequence window as shown below, select the parts one by one in the order in which they are assembled. In this case, the Base goes first, part9 goes second and part10 goes third. Once all the affiliated components are selected click next (4).

Assembly Sequence window

  • In the Assembly Constraints, select the parts from the Tolerance Assembly panel and choose its mates in a suitable order of primary, secondary or tertiary (this might affect the final result). The suitable order here would be the order in which the parts are assembled together in real life. You don’t necessarily need to select all the constraints or mates, just choose the ones which are crucial in building the assembly. Repeat the same for the remaining parts and click Next (1) once done.

Assembly Constraints

  • The Analysis Results window shows the stack-up analysis results.

Analysis Results window

  • You can switch between Min and Max worst case scenarios from the Analysis Data and Display section.

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