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IC3D Steel and SOLIDWORKS Simulation – working together perfectly!

Tips and Tricks Prasad Bhonsule 11 April 2016

IC3D Steel and SOLIDWORKS Simulation – working together perfectly!

IC3D Steel , developed by Central Innovation allows users to easily create structural designs with all the required connection detail, publish drawings in bulk, and create fabrication output, all from within the familiar SOLIDWORKS modelling environment.

It’s often a requirement for designers to understand how their design will perform under real-world loading conditions. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is the perfect tool for carrying out FEA analyses from simple linear studies, to much more complex non-linear studies. Since IC3D Steel produces native SOLIDWORKS models as its output, it seamlessly integrates with Simulation to test for stress, displacement and much more.

In the video below, we learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can analyse a simple shed designed using IC3D Steel, first with solid mesh elements, then with beam elements. Also, key features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation are used to increase the efficiency of the process, such as symmetry, mesh controls and contact conditions.

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