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Image Fills for Presentation Drawings

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 10 July 2019


Image Fills for Presentation Drawings

Did you know about ARCHICAD’s ability to use images as fills?

It’s easy!

Click Options>Element Attributes>Fills

Locating Fills Menu

Click New and choose ‘Image Fill’ from the options.

WPM Waterproof Membrane Window

Next, click ‘Load Image’ and find an appropriate image from the loaded libraries and catalogs.

Tip: Once loaded, you may want to adjust the fill size. I’ve also set this fill to be used as a Drafting Fill but it could be used as a Cover Fill and linked to the top surface of a slab.

Loading Image From Library

Once loaded, use the Fill Tool on Drafting Fill mode to draw the fills into your building.

Drafting Fill mode

Happy Modelling!


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