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Image Quality Setting (Drawings)

Tips and Tricks Micah 3 June 2015


The image quality setting in SolidWorks can be your friend or… your worst enemy:                             

With SolidWorks® drawings sometimes you can get issues like;

  • Edges on models show in some views but do not in other views
  • Dimensions not attaching to edges correctly
  • Incomplete printing
  • Parts missing
  • Incomplete section views
  • Export to DWG/DXF and PDF issues
  • File size issues
  • Zoom/pan performance
  • and many others…

The “Image Quality” setting in SolidWorks® found under Tools>Options>Document Properties>Image Quality

SolidWorks Options dialogue

When the 2 image quality sliders are too low, you can have issues as mentioned above, also if the sliders are too high you can have issues with performance, as the file size will be much larger. If your drawing is a large drawing file moving these sliders down can help with performance. But when it comes time to print or export your drawing to a PDF say, jump in and move these sliders up to say %80. Going too high can lead to an unreasonable drawing file size.

This is a heads up to watch out, and check this setting…


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