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Intuitiveness – Improved Library Management

Tips and Tricks Campbell Yule 14 June 2016


Library Management has now become significantly more straight forward with an overhaul of the Library Manager.

The enhanced Library Manager is no longer just a hierarchy of library folders: the new Contents tab provides details on the contents of each library, and makes it easier to access and manage individual library parts. In Teamwork, too, any user (provided he/she has the access rights) can see, reserve, and manage the contents of the Server library in Library Manager.

  • See the contents of your project libraries, including graphical previews of each library part
  • Export Library Part files (such as surfaces) for editing, then add them back to your library
  • Move or duplicate any library part to a writable library folder
  • See warning information (e.g. duplicated library parts), without the Library Loading Report


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