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Merge Drawings with #Task

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 20 November 2018


Merge Drawings with #Task

Companies usually have a single drawing file for each part or a file with combined multiple drawing sheets. Both methods are acceptable practice, however, on rare occasions you may find yourself in a position where you need to switch from one method to the other.

Not to worry; with  #Task Merge Drawings, you can merge different drawing files into one file.

Here’s how it can be accomplished:

Assuming that you have already downloaded #Task if not it is not too late you can download it from here

#Task has a quite simple and user friendly user interface:

Selecting SWx version first

Once the task is added to the scope following the above shown steps, you will find the screen below where files and arguments can be added before running the task, as:

Adding files and arguments on #TaskAfter the task is added as can be seen in the bottom left box:

1.Add files(drawings in this case)

(Number of files can be more than two)

2. Filter the file type to drawings for #task

3. Arguments window appears

          Merged drawing path: to specify the location and name of the final drawing file

          Sheet name: A list of values can be assigned under sheet name tab

4. Run Job


Running the Job

As seen above, two different part drawings that had separate 2 sheets each of drawing files are now merged into a new file showing all sheets from input files.

Hope this helps anyone stuck in a scenario where there are quite a number of drawing sheets from different files needed to be merged.

Please watch this space for more weekly tips and tricks.

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