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New Door Tags (Aus Library)

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 11 October 2019


New Door Tags (Aus Library)

In ARCHICAD 23, GRAPHISOFT have implemented a new feature for hinged doors in the Australian Library.

This new feature allows the user to label the leaf widths of doors individually as well as show custom text and the door ID.

Users can turn this feature on or off through the model view options just like with normal markers.

normal markers

Hinged Doors Settings


It’s possible that when migrating older files into ARCHICAD 23, doors may appear with both the Tags and Labelling active and the Dimension Marker active causing an overlap.


Dimension Marker

To fix this, turn one of the markers off in the settings.

markers off in the settings

You can also select multiple favourites and edit them at the same time to remove the marker from hinged doors permanently in your template.

Removing the marker from hinged doors

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