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New in Version 9.6: Dock/Undock/Maximize Dropdown Options

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 9 November 2015

In Solibri Model Checker Version 9.6 the Dock/Undock/Maximize buttons have been moved to a single drop down options MAXIMIZE button in the top right of every view:


Single Dropdown Option Button

When clicked, a drop down list is displayed to allow the user to select between the following options:

MAXIMIZE – Maximize: Maximize the view to the entire application window.
RESTORE – Restore: Restore the maximized view to the previous location.
DOCK – Dock: Dock the view to a certain position within the current layout.
UNDOCK – Undock: Undock the view from the layout to be an independent window.
CLOSE – Close: Close the view.
Prior to version 9.6, these buttons were individual buttons that could be accidentally clicked, especially the Close option that would remove the View, only to be re-added again.



Maximize, Dock, and Close buttons from SMC Version 9.5

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