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PDM Update Folder Data Card Variables

Tips and Tricks Amgad Yacoub 31 October 2018


PDM Update Folder Data Card Variables

Hi guys,

This week’s blog is about PDM folder data cards. In PDM folder data cards are used to populate folder variables values to the files in this folder. It is a very good tool to make sure that the files in this folder will have the same common variables values i.e. project name and project number.

PDM folder data cards


Editing the Project name and project descruption

So, what is the problem?  Oh, I forget to tell you that the when you change these values on the folder data card level these values will not automatically updated. The same thing will also happen if you copied exciting files into this folder.

So, is PDM broken? No it isn’t  🙂

There are extra steps that you need to do to repopulated/update these variables:

  • You will need to check out the files that need update
  • Select the parent folder level
  • Then select Modify from the tool bar –> Update –> Values in Files
  • Then follow the on screen instructions that gives flexibly to select which file(s), on which stat/(s) and also which folder data card variables you want to update.

Updating the Values in Files

PDM will go through all the selected files and updates all the selected variable 🙂

Well this was just a quick tip. I hope you find it useful.


Amgad Yacoub
Senior Field Engineer
Central Innovation, Perth


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