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Renovation Workflow: Adding Insulation to Walls

Tips and Tricks Scylla de Magalhaes 4 August 2016

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Renovation Workflow: Adding Insulation to Walls
If you want to add a layer of insulation to an existing wall, you simply add an insulation skin to the composite wall. However, you cannot assign “New” status to just a single component of a wall – only to the wall itself.
To distinguish (for Renovation Filter purposes) the new insulation added to the original wall, the following workflow is recommended:
Existing Plan View
In the Renovation Palette, assign the original wall (Wall 1) a status of “Existing”.
New Construction View
In this view, you want to show both the Existing and the New components of the wall.
Alongside Wall 1, place another wall (Wall 2) alongside it to represent insulation. Define Wall 2 as “New”.
This way, only the new part of the Wall – the insulation part – is displayed as “New” in this view.
Planned Status View
Here, both Wall 1 and Wall 2 are shown with their own original attributes.
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