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How to Restore PDM from Backup Files

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 12 June 2019

How to Restore PDM from Backup Files

The final step in our PDM implantation is always to define the backup scheme of the different PDM components:

  • Backup of your PDM configuration settings                 (Archive Server)
  • Backup of the Vault Archive files                                    (Windows Explorer)
  • Backup of the SQL databases                                         (SQL Server Management Studio)
  • Backup of .cex settings file                                              (PDM Administration tool)

Note: If you don’t know how to create these backup files please refer to your PDM Administration training.

The following steps will guide you to get back your PDM system up and running.

A) Assuming that SQL would already be installed and an instance for PDM already created.

Restore the SQL database back using the restore option below

Restoring the SQL database


If this is a new Archive server then ensure that Archive server name and file location is changed in the restored database.

B) Under the Archive server settings navigate to TOOLS > Backup settings to load the backup

Backup settings to load the backup

C) Under the Archive server Configuration Tool RMB on the Vault name > Properties > Relocate > point it to the new location where Archive server files or physical files are copied.

Properties Window

and this is the final step now your vault should show under Solidworks PDM Administration Tool

Caution: The above steps are for PDM Professional.

If you are doing server move or upgrade there are some additional settings required.

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