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Restructure Schedule to Fit Layout

Tips and Tricks Scylla de Magalhaes 15 July 2016

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Note: This function is also available for Project Indexes placed on Layouts.
Use the Restructure Table command to automatically split large tables which exceed the Layout size into parts and lay them out next to each other.
The Restructure Table command is available in the Pet Palette, from the node of a selected Schedule placed as a Drawing.
Click the command, then manually resize the Drawing frame. The following image shows a Window Schedule that does not fit onto an A4 sized sheet.
The Restructure Table command is used to define a new enclosing rectangle for the Schedule table. In this case, ArchiCAD recalculates sizes and lays out the Schedule so it best fits the new geometry. The result: the Schedule is split in two portions which are placed under each other.
Note: If the selected Drawing is set to Split Drawing into Multiple Layouts, then the Restructure Table command will enable you to define a new enclosing rectangle, but instead of placing the Schedule parts onto a single Layout, each new part will be placed onto an additional Layout.
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