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Roof Covering View Attributes in a Different Story

Tips and Tricks Soto 16 August 2017

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If you want to control the display of Roof Covering in plan, you just have to go to the Covering Settings- Display Settings

Under Symbol, there are the options:

H- Means Home Story

A- Means Above Story

B- Means Below Story


Roof Covering




If you are in ArchiCAD 16 or 17, you can  edit manually the view attributes for the roof covering to each story level, that can be enabled it in the Parameters:

24-04-2014 8-40-25 a-m-011

Roof covering settings>Parameters>Display options>Use same pens for all views>

24-04-2014 8-37-43 a-m-02

Now you can change the attributes for the home story, the stories below, 3d, and section/elevation.





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