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Searching for Commands in SOLIDWORKS

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 26 October 2017

Searching for Commands in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS does a very good job of making its regularly used commands available on the Command Manager; it’s a neat and effective way of grouping tools into specific workflows so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Occasionally though, it’s necessary to find some of the few commands which are not already loaded onto the Command Manager, and most would trawl though countless menu items trying to recall where they saw that command, last time they used it.

However, this is not necessary in SOLIDWORKS because the software provides an excellent search tool which allows find what we are looking for, and it will in fact take use directly to the command in question.

Where do we find it?

It’s on the Main SOLIDWORKS Toolbar at the top of the screen.

Search command

The drop down on the left hand side of the Search Tool will allow you to select what you want to search for; in this case we have selected to Search Commands.


Search Commands. is selected

What can we do with it?

Search for Commands: The ‘Swept Flange’ is a good example as this is not displayed on the Sheet Metal Command Manager Tab by default

Swept Flange

When the search text is input, the search tool begins to report any possible variations on the search text provided. If you hover over a reported command, a Tooltip provides information on what the command does. You can also drag the Commands icon from the reported list and drop it on to a toolbar in SOLIDWORKS

Swept options

Or, if you want to know where to find it for next time you need it, you can click on the Eye Icon on the right hand side of the reported commands, and it will take you to the Menu, or Toolbar location of the required command. (Show Command Location)

Show command location

The command will be highlighted with a large Red Arrow to one side.

Locating Swept Flange


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