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Solidworks 2019, What’s New Series- Specifying a Default Save Folder

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 26 April 2019


Solidworks 2019, What’s New Series- Specifying a Default Save Folder

Another potentially useful feature Solidworks 2019 brings is specifying a custom location to save a new file being created. This can save some time in a scenario where a user creates individual part/assemblies/drawings or any other files repeatedly aiming to gather these files in a specified folder for their project.

You can now specify the default folder where new documents are saved. If you do not specify this path, the default save folder varies based on the last used folder.

Note: When you save already saved document with Save As, the file uses the path of the active document, even if you have specified a default save folder.

To specify the default save folder:
1. Click Options or Tools > System Options and select File Locations.
2. Under Show folders for, select Default Save Folder from the list.
3. Click Add to select a folder location.
4. Click OK.

System Options-File Locataion Window

Note: only one path can be specified in Default save folder at once.

Hope this helps.

Ahmad Muhammad
Applications Engineer
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