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SOLIDWORKS Licenses and Serial Numbers!

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 8 August 2018

SOLIDWORKS Licenses and Serial Numbers!

SOLIDWORKS licenses are broadly categorized in three categories as below:

1. Standalone license – The license when tied to your machine is known as standalone license. The standalone license SN starts from 9000xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Term license: As per the name suggests the license only lasts for a specific term. Term license can be for three, six or twelve month’s period. Similar to standalone license the serial number starts with 9000xxxxxxxxxxx.

2. SNL license or Network license – Also known as floating license, it will float license between client systems connected on the network. The SN starts from 9010xxxxxxxxxx.

A Term license cannot be added in the SNL.

3. Education license – This type of license are for educational and training institutes. The SN starts with 9701xxxxxxxxx.

Further to this license there is student license. The SN starts with 9020xxxxxxxxxxx.

Note this SN changes at every version upgrade of SOLIDWORKS.


The below table summaries this blog:

Type SN starts with
Standalone 9000xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Term license 9000xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Network or SNL



Education 9700xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Student 9020xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Online Licensing: It’s a combination of standalone license and Network license. This license can be floated across the systems just by logging and logging out using SOLIDWORKS customer portal login. This is possible using your existing standalone SN, at no additional cost.

Sounds exciting!

To know more watch this space, for upcoming  webinar ‘Setting up Online Licensing’.


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