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Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Distributed Connection

Tips and Tricks Abbas Madraswala 6 November 2019


Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Distributed Connection

I have received many cases where user complaints about high stresses near bolt and nut regions of their model. This is because rigid connection is assumed for bolts which creates stress singularities near bolt head/ nut regions. This problem is now resolved with Solidworks Simulation 2020 new enhancement – Distributed Connection for bolts and pins.

You can select this option from connection type when defining bolt/ pin connection.

Connectors Dialog

As shown in below image I have created 2 studies for comparison of stress results. In “Bolt – Rigid” Study I have used foundation bolt with Rigid connection type and in “Bolt – Distributed” study I have used foundation bolt with distributed connection type keeping all other boundary conditions same.

Bolt - Rigid Image

The plot below shows comparison of stress distribution for both these studies.

comparison of stress distribution


comparison of stress distribution

Distributed connection type uses improved formulation of connectors and as a result, the stresses with distribution connection type is around 40% less than that of rigid connection type and gives you more realistic results eliminating stress hot spots near bolt head and nut regions.


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