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Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Mixed Draft and High quality elements

Tips and Tricks Abbas Madraswala 20 November 2019


Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Mixed Draft and High quality elements

In Solidworks simulation you can mesh all the solid and shell parts either as Draft quality or High quality element. Draft quality element reduces number of degree of freedoms and hence calculation time is much faster, but the accuracy is compromised. On the other end High quality elements has more degree of freedoms which increases the computation time but gives you more accurate result.

With Solidworks Simulation 2020 you can now decide and apply Draft quality or High quality elements to individual parts/ bodies in your assembly. To change from high quality to draft quality for any part/ body, Right click on part name and select “High quality element” as highlighted below.

Selecting “High quality element”

This improves the performance when solving large assemblies to deliver high quality results more quickly and accurate where you need them.


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