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Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Thermal support for Beam Element

Tips and Tricks Abbas Madraswala 14 November 2019


Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Thermal support for Beam Element

Using a mixed meshing (Combination of Solid Shell and Beam elements) is always advantageous as it helps to reduce the computational time for solving complex problems except for performing thermal stress analysis if the assembly contains beam elements, But with Solidworks Simulation 2020 you can now apply temperature boundary condition on beams.

You can apply temperature loading on bodies as well as joints as shown below.

Temperature Dialog

Also Solidworks simulation 2020 now supports thermal studies and you can apply thermal boundary conditions like Convection, Heat flux, Heat power and Radiation in addition to Temperature.

Thermal Load

And matching existing functionality you can import the result of thermal study for beams as an input loading condition in your static study for calculating thermal stresses provided both have the same mesh.

Static Dialog


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