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Solidworks Simulation Contacts Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Amgad Yacoub 13 February 2015

Solidworks Simulation Contacts Tips and Tricks


In this blog we will shade light on the contacts settings In Solidworks Simulation Premium. As, you may know as Solidworks users that there is a license level in Solidworks called Solidworks Simulation Premium, which is capable of handling Non-Linear analysis for Dynamic and Staticstudies.

Contacts Setting

In nonlinear analysis it is important to pay more attention on settings contacts. So that, you can get it right the first time with no errors.

First let us look into the local contact set command property manager and go through its options and understand how these options works.

Now, under the type section and after selecting the contact type. You need to select the faces/edges/vertices that are in contact or will be in contact during the analysis in set 1 and set 2 as you can see.

Contact set command manager
But, is there an order or rules for specifying which should be in set 1 and which in set 2?

Actually yes, and here just let me borrow the definition of set 1 and set 2 from the Solidworks Simulation Premium Nonlinear training manual

Definition of Source and Target in Node to Surface Contact Option

So, Set 1 is the “Source” region where contact is established by a series of nodal points to which one-node gap elements should be assigned.

And, Set 2 is the “Target” region where contact is defined by a series of contact surfaces.

This means that we need to select set 1  “source” to be the region of more densely than set 2 target and if possible the target should be smother and lager surface.

Source and Traget ; Surface Contact

That is all from me now. For more information kindly visit our training courses and services pages.

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