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SOLIDWORKS Task, I will do it!

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 15 August 2018


SOLIDWORKS Task, I will do it!

John recently joined the company and he is asked by his superior to rename configurations of 700 SOLIDWORKS part files from Default to Production. He was given a week to finish this. John comes back after an hour, saying it’s done. Surprised by that, his superior gives him another task to change the units of the same files from metric to imperial. John comes back after an hour, also saying it’s done. Astonished by this John’s senior decides to monitor how can he perform at this rapid rate.

And guess what? John is using a handy tool called #TASK.

Man typing on computer

#TASK, or Sharp task as we call it, is a utility created using scripts from SOLIDWORKS API’s. It includes tasks that are not available under SOLIDWORKS Task scheduler.

As you can notice, the #Task user interface is intuitive.

#Task user interface

Browse the task gives detail description about the task.

Browse the task gives detail description about the task

Let’s look at an example to understand how #TASK works.

Here, we want to export the design table from SOLIDWORKS part files. First, we need to search for the task > add to the tasks scope.

adding to the tasks scope.

Once the task is added, notice it allows to customise the file name, output folder. You can run multiple tasks.

multiple tasks

Key features for #TASK are:

  • Standard version is Free.
  • Contains library of tasks.
  • Allows users to write custom scripts.
  • Restarts SOLIDWORKS if needed and skipping any files that cannot be processed correctly.
  • Library contains tasks for SOLIDWORKS PDM

#TASK comes in three suites

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Premium

Currently all the tasks included in standard are free.

For more information on #TASK, please follow the link.


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