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Solidworks Tips & Tricks Using Holewizard on Curved Surfaces

Tips and Tricks Amgad Yacoub 13 January 2015

Solidworks Tips & Tricks Using Holewizard on Curved Surfaces


We all know that we can use Holewizard on planned surfaces, but what about using it on nonplanar surfaces? Actually, it is not a problem in Solidworks.

On the cylindrical model below we need to create a threaded hole on the outer face of the cylinder.

cylinder model

As normal we will start the Holewizard tool and select the required hole standard, type, size, and end condition.

holewizard tool

In the position, tab selects the 3D sketch option. Now it is easy to select the cylindrical face for the hole location. We can also use the usual dimensioning tools to locate the exact position of the required hole/holes.

3D sketch option

Now have a look into the result as expected and required in less time and with less effort.

finished Cylinder model
That’s it for now. Watch this space, as I’ll be publishing more blogs on modeling tips and tricks.

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