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Spotlight on ARCHICAD 19 – TABS!

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 9 June 2015


Tabs – we know you love ‘em. I certainly do.

If you’re anything like us, you have approximately 1 bajillion tabs open in your web browser at any given time. You’re already familiar with them and the way they work, so it makes sense to have them in ARCHICAD now too.


The new Tabs interface in ARCHICAD 19 makes getting around between your views faster and easier than ever. Not only will you easily be able to shift between the views you have opened in tabs, but due to the new Background Processing tech, most of the time, when you change to another tab, all of the re-generating of it will already be done by the time you get there. No more waiting around!

The icons on tabs will also give you a bunch of useful information about what’s going on with that view, and a context (right-click) menu will let you change to similar views, or get to relevant settings.


An finally, because the tabs make things so much easier, you’ll no longer need to have the Navigator open all the time to get to your views – it can now be minimized to a little pop-out menu button on the end of your tab bar.


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