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Stretching with Marquee Tool

Tips and Tricks Raquel Rech 14 March 2019


Stretching with Marquee Tool

It’s simple! Just follow the steps below:

  • Use the marquee tool to delimit the portion of your model you want to stretch on floorplan.
  • Click on an element node within the marquee
  • Type the distance and angle you want to move this node or just simply take this node to a new location by clicking on a new spot on your floorplan.

clicking on a new spot on your floorplan

Dimensioning with marquee tool

Rectangle Output


  • The light marquee will stretch only visible elements showing on the floorplan you are looking at.
  • The bold marquee will stretch all visible elements within the marquee on all stories.

Make sure you have Suspended Groups activated and be aware this won’t work for library parts.

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