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Tabs: Sutil ‘Save View’ vs ‘Save as View’ – Redefine

Tips and Tricks Soto 21 September 2016

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ARCHICAD 20 changed the way it deals with Tabs.

You may know already about the Save View new function but there is something that you may want to know as well.

See the Video below.

  1. If the view as been defined in the Tab, the Icon is blue
  2. If you move the view point (zoom), the Tab shows an Exclamation mark (!)
  3. If you right click > Save View the view is actually Redefined
  4. Now if you right click again, there is a different option, as the view is already the way it’s displayed, you can click ‘Save as View’ which means you can save a new view using the same as a reference.


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