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Taming your Pet Pallet

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 13 April 2019


Taming your Pet Pallet

The Pet Pallet is one of the most frequently used pallets in ARCHICAD, in this short tip we’ll list out some tips to help you use it.

The pallet appears next to the cursor whenever we click and edge or a node and provides us with options to edit the item.

You can either click on the options available to activate a command or simply use the keyboard shortcuts “F” and Shift+F (Opt+F for macOS) to move between the next and previous icons in the current pet palette.

Pet Palette

The Pet Pallet has the tendency to appear too close to the cursor and frequently gets in the way of the user. You can adjust this behaviour in the work environment.

Click Options in the Menu Bar followed by Work Environment > Dialog Boxes and Pallets.

Here you can set the distance from the initial click the pet pallet should appear and how far away from the cursor it should be when trailing the mouse.

Dialog Boxes and Palettes


Happy Modelling

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