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# Task Replace Sheet Format

Tips and Tricks Amgad Yacoub 24 October 2018

# Task Replace Sheet Format

Hi guys,

This week’s blog is about another challenge that is facing John.

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His design manager wants John to reuse all the drawing in an old project in their new project. Well this is not a problem. Just wait, but in the old project we were using the old company sheet format not the current one not just this there are about five different sheet format used in this project.

The project manager thought that it is just straight forward process and they should have the drawing out to the customers in no time. He even budget the design, drafting time and cost to ZERO.

All the eyes turned to John who was seating there smiling know that he already have the solution and he can get the job done in every short time.

What how?

Are you thinking what i’m thinking .That is right in  # Task library he found the Replace Sheet Format Task. This task allows the user to find and replace drawings sheet format for all the drawing in one run


So how it works?


  • Go to your # Task on line library (if you don’t have it on your desktop it is not too late) please follow this link to download and register # Task


Going to your # Task on line library


  • Search for Replace Sheet Format Task ( you can use the search tool) to find it as per the following screen capture

Searching for Replace Sheet Format Task

Replace sheet format found

  • Add Replace Sheet Format Task to your local tasks list


Adding Replace Sheet Format Task to your local tasks list

  • Add Replace Sheet Format Task to your local tasks list by check the box beside it –> (1)
  • Make sure that file type filter is turned to drawing (SLDDRW) –>(2)
  • Add the files by either drag and drop or by browsing to the files location(s) –> (3)
  • Select the old and new sheet format files (this task uses the find and replace concept)
  • Hit the run button and let # Task do the job for you –> (4)

Hitting the run button


Once again John is not only the design office but the company hero.

Please watch this space for more tips and tricks.

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Senior Field Engineer
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