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Things to Include in a Support Ticket

Tips and Tricks Gareth Morgan 17 April 2020

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Things to Include in a Support Ticket

When you log a support ticket (by email or online via https://myci.centralinnovation.com/) it is important to include as much detailed information as possible.  This is to help the Support Team diagnose and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

If possible, please include some of the following:

  • Describe what the problem is and where is occurs for example – ArchiCAD freezes when I explode my Doors+Windows
  • Include the exact text from any error message and where this appears
  • Include screenshots or full-screen video if they are available
  • Describe how to replicate the issue This is a really important part as it helps the team investigate exactly what you are experiencing
  • Include problem files (Sometimes you can provide a mod file – so long as the issue still happens in the mod file) if the problem is file specific, include it with your ticket
  • Is it only you or everyone in the office having the issue
  • Does the problem happen when you’re using the standard ARCHICAD template
  • Tell us the operating system you are using ie is it Windows 10 / 7 or MacOS 10.15 / 10.14, what version of ARCHICAD and build number

Also, note in some cases knowing what may have changed from when it worked last to when it is broken is also always helpful, ie what had changes/installs/updates etc had happened on the computer or to the license from when it worked last.


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