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U-Shape Stair with Winders

Tips and Tricks Camilo Valencia 6 November 2019


U-Shape Stair with Winders

If you need to create a stair with U-shape form and place Winders in landing you can follow the next steps:

  1. Draw the stair placing the Baseline “Reference Line” in the exterior part of the stair:
  2. Then click on the corner where you plan to place the Winders, you must see the pet palette, select the icon “Turning Type Options”.

Turning Type Options

  1. In this window please select “Winder with equal angles”, in the Division Method Arrow select “Fixed Number of Goings” and place the desired number (Example 2 or 3).

Fixed Number of Goings

  1. Repeat the steps in the opposite landing.

opposite landing

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