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Understanding Drawing Templates and Sheet Format

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 1 August 2018

Understanding Drawing Templates and Sheet Format

Selecting a drawing template

There are two aspects of drawing file in SOLIDWORKS, a drawing template and drawing format.

Drawing template – Contains information like

  • Document properties settings like units, leader head, line font ,style etc
  • Predefined views
  • Sheet format
  • Number of sheets
  • Drafting Standard
  • File extension is .drwdot

Sheet format – Contains information like

  • Sheet borders, title block, logo’s etc.
  • File extension is .slddrt

Sheet/Format Size Window

Selecting a sheet format. Notice details about sheet size

Every drawing template must be saved with the sheet format. This helps when user to add a new sheet to the drawing. User does not have to browse the sheet format all the time.


Under each drawing template > document properties you can specify the sheet format. With the option ‘use different sheet format’ selected you can also specify a different sheet format than one specified in the first sheet.


Document Properties - Drawing Sheets

Specifying sheet format location under Document Properties


Follow below steps for setting up custom drawing template:

  1. Create a blank drawing > select the sheet format as require.
  2. Tools > Options > Document properties > Set the document properties as desired like units, line fonts, dimension styles, drafting standard etc.
  3. RMB in the blank area > edit sheet format.
  4. Set the title block > add the custom properties so that it takes the values from model custom properties.


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