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Update Documents in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 9 November 2017

Update Documents in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

There are multiple ways to update your CAD model in a SOLIDWORKS visualize project.

a) When you import the CAD model you can select the “monitor file” option.

Import Settings

Once the model is opened in the CAD application > saved.

In SOLIDWORKS Visualize below message pops up. Here you can decide if you want to update the model.

message pops up

b) File > Re-import all models and parts. Or from the model tab highlight the part name.

If you have missed to set the “monitor file” option. You can set it from here.

monitor file” option

You will see the colour of the source file name changes if it has been renamed or re-located.

You can use ‘Re-locate’ option for such files.

'Re-locate' option

Note if you have imported multiple models then select each part and import them individually.

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