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Upgrade Assistant – Before migrating to a new version

Tips and Tricks Mark Duggan 19 October 2015

Upgrade Assistant – Before migrating to a new version

Upgrade Assistant was formerly a part of the Beta releases of SOLIDWORKS but in 2016 it is available as a tool to help you to test your parts, assemblies, drawings and hopefully show any problems. To use this efficiently it is best to put together a folder or data set that represents the type of work you do, a representative sample.

This will allow you to look at the set-up and also work out perhaps how long it may take – doing all of your files I would not believe is an option for most. I would also recommend finishing a project in the release you started it in and if you have a vital need to go to the next release run the upgrade assistant on this project also.


Please note: The Upgrade assistant will not save your files in the latest version.

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