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Upgrade Toolbox version in PDM

Tips and Tricks Mark Deng 8 August 2019

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Upgrade Toolbox version in PDM

One common issue after upgrading SOLIDWORKS and PDM to a newer version is the Toolbox version mismatch.

Toolbox is always required to be upgraded to the same version as SOLIDWORKS. Usually we can upgrade SOLIDWORKS Toolbox version during the process upgrading SOLIDWORKS in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. However, if the Toolbox is sitting under the PDM file vault, and especially when a certain workflow with certain permissions are assigned to the Toolbox folder inside PDM, it will become difficult upgrading the toolbox folder along with upgrading SOLIDWORKS.

If the Toolbox version is not upgraded with SOLIDWORKS, you will see this the below error appearing when accessing to any files that contains a Toolbox Feature:



In this blog, we will introduce how to resolve this issue. Please follow the below steps upgrading Toolbox version inside of a PDM file vault manually:

1. Locate your Toolbox folder inside the matching PDM vault and browse to “SOLIDWORKS Data > lang > English”, you will find that there is a file called “swbrowser.sldedb”. Check out this file with Admin access, see below image:


Locating Toolbox folder



2. Browse to the Toolbox Utilities folder under your SOLIDWORKS installation folder. By default the folder path is “C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSOLIDWORKS (version)Toolboxdata utilities”. You will find the Toolbox upgrade tool”UpdateBrowserDatabase.exe” here. Then you can RMB on this file and “Run as Administrator” to launch this tool. Once the tool is launched, you will need to browse to the “swbrowser.sldedb” file we checked out in step 1, and click on “Update” :

Upgrading toolbox version in pdm


3. As soon as the upgrade is completed, go back to the Toolbox folder in PDM (SOLIDWORKS DatalangEnglish), you will see there is a new file “swbrowser.sldedbold” created. RMB on this file and select “Add this file to the File vault” then you can check in both “swbrowser.sldedb” and “swbrowser.sldedbold”  to the PDM file vault.

4. The last step is to ask all PDM clients to get the latest version of these 2 files and everyone will be able to use the upgraded version of Toolbox in PDM without seeing any error messages.

I hope you find this useful.

Mark Deng

Applications Engineer

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