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PDM DataCards Now You See Me Trick.

Learn Amgad Yacoub 26 June 2019

Hi everyone,

PDM Datacards are important components in Solidworks PDM. They represent the connection between the user’s interface, the SQL database tables and Solidworks custom properties.

For example:

  • When creating a new file, user inputs some information (Description, Paint colour, …etc.) this information will update the Solidworks custom properties of this file and the SQL database tables.
  • Custom properties from Solidworks files (Mass, Material, Volume, …etc.) will show and update on the Datacard that represents this file.
  • Finally, SQL/System information (Revision, Approved by, Approved date, …etc.) will show and update on the Datacard that represent this file.

Different data card can be used with different file types (Assembly, Part, Drawing, dwg, PDF, …etc.) or you can use one Datacard with the Now You See Me trick to show and hide file type related fields.

Why you want to do this? One reason will be to reduce the administration and maintenance time and effort. i.e. update company logo, or to replace a variable with a new one. if you have a Datacard for each file type, you will need to do those changes in every Datacard. This is boring and time consuming task, imagine modifying 5 cards and 2 variables in each card. How much time does it takes you to do so? vs doing it on one card

Now, how it works,

In the following example, I am using one Datacard for Parts, Assemblies and Drawing file types.

In case of Parts and Assemblies files, I want the Weight control box to be visible and hidden for Drawings files.

  • First step is to define a variable that can be used to control the Weight control box status (visible/hidden).

So, I created a variable called Filename and linked it to Special Value, File name.

Note: The variable must be on the same Datacard that you want to control.

Pdm datacards now you see me trick.

  • Now select the Weight control box and from the card editor control tab select Control Logic

Pdm datacards now you see me trick.

  • Select the hide option and select the Filename variable Text Contains slddrw

Pdm datacards now you see me trick.

Repeat the same steps for the weight static text.

We are done here.

Keep watching this space for more tips and tricks.

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