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Which Should You Use Copy Tree or Pack & Go?

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 3 December 2019

Which Should You Use Copy Tree or Pack & Go?

Copy Tree: Available from PDM local view. Copy Tree does the similar operation as Pack and Go.

Lets looks at the advantages of using copy tree are:

    • Latest: Files copied with the latest versions in the vault
    • Referenced: Referenced files may/may not be the “latest” depending on which version of file was used
    • Copy tree
    • Rename with Serial Number – This is very useful when serial numbers are used. User will be able to understand and verify the file name.
    • Transform Operations
    • Get list of files in Excel or Txt Format
    • In some cases other file types like PDF, Word etc are copied as reference. While pack & go only looks at the file references linked via SOLIDWORKS. Copy Tree understands these extra references.
    • Ability to filter files – Based on File Name,Version,State etc we can filter such files change its target path.

Filter Displays

Pack & Go: Accessible within SOLIDWORKS or RMB shortcut menu.

Drawback of using Pack & Go:

  • To use Pack & Go files the files needs to be cached locally. If the files are not cached locally then there are high chances latest version file is not cached and a older version is copied. As you can understand pack and go doesn’t check file versions. With several such files performing a “Get Latest Version” is must.
  • With Pack & Go, files are not automatically added to the vault. It could be tedious to find all such files and add them to the vault.

Considering the above factors we must use Copy Tree if the files are managed by Enterprise PDM vault.

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