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Which Document Properties are Stored in a Drafting Standard?

Tips and Tricks Bill 22 February 2016

Which Document Properties are Stored in a Drafting Standard?

I bet you thought when you saved a “Drafting Standard” in SOLIDWORKS ALL the document properties were saved in it.  I know I did, but it’s not the case.

The file exported as the drafting standard file (.sldstd) contains some of the document settings, but not all of them.  Settings like dimensions, annotations, tables, etc., are included in it, but other settings like units, line font, image quality, etc., are not included in it.  Refer to the image below showing the customizable standards which can be included in ‘Drafting Standard file.’

In general, the settings under ‘Document Settings’ (Tools -> Options) are saved in the drawing template, but when the user wants to modify some specific settings on the drawing they can change it in Document Settings.  If the settings the user is changing for any particular drawing are also applicable for other drawings, in order to simplify the user’s task SolidWorks has provided the option to import/export ‘Drafting Standards’.  These drafting standards can then be loaded into another drawing file to apply those (previously modified) settings.

Which document properties are stored in a drafting standard?

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