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Learn why ST/MIR Studio Arquitetura switched from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

News Central Innovation 12 April 2016

Learn why ST/MIR Studio Arquitetura switched from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

Learn why ST/MIR Studio Arquitetura switched from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

The Brazilian architectural firm, ST/MIR STUDIO ARQUITETURA, which has switched between 2D and 3D CAD software, decided to improve their processes and increase their productivity by migrating to a single software where 2D and 3D integration is automated. We spoke with Thadeu Miranda, Partner, about their decision to switch from SketchUp to ARCHICAD.

Initially, the decision was for ARCHICAD over other BIM software, because of its tight integration with Abvent’s Artlantis rendering software, but soon other advantages were discovered that made the migration process even more favorable.

from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

“On our initial contact with ARCHICAD, the interface and fluidity assured us that we had made the right decision.”

The office, which developed all their virtual models in SketchUp, started to migrate its objects and models, and started to model directly in ARCHICAD.

“It is complicated to leave your comfort zone, where you’ve a certain tool completely, and start on a new one, making you feel at the beginning that you are slower. But the more we use ARCHICAD, the more we feel assured, and slowly the old habits of the previous software are leaving us.”

from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

For ST/MIR STUDIO´s team, the main advantage is the speed at which they can produce the required documentation material and complete every design phase in a very productive way.

“When we finish the schematic design, we are practically ready for the design development phase. We end the presentation of a decorated environment and the project is almost ready for execution.”

Although experienced in the 3D modeling process, the team was unhappy with the hours spent on rework, generated by the numerous design changes.

“We have always worked in 3D; it is our design methodology and main tool. The problem was after the approval of the project by the client — having to redo the whole project in 2D for the Construction Documentation Phase. BIM allows us to fluidly move from concept, documentation and detailing with much more speed.”

from SketchUp to ARCHICAD

In their short time using ARCHICAD, the architectural firm shows great satisfaction with the software and is already planning to use the BIM methodology beyond the design documentation phase: “We are expanding the company’s activities into construction management, which is a way to ensure that our design will be executed with more quality and accuracy. By implementing BIM as a design tool, we have facilitated the budgeting and quantity extraction process, which will be used during construction, thus providing our customers with a more accurate budget and, of course, more flexibility in the schematic design stages. We expect ARCHICAD to help us a lot in this new phase.”

Equipe: Arq.Renato Santana | Arq.Thadeu Miranda | Eng.Beatriz MirandaEquipe: Arq.Renato Santana | Arq.Thadeu Miranda | Eng.Beatriz Miranda


ST/MIR STUDIO ARQUITETURA is a Brazilian architectural, interior design and construction management company from Vitória-Espírito Santo. It has as its main concept contemporary architecture. Their designs combine functionality and minimalism with materials and textures characteristic of Brazilian design. The company delivers from initial concept design to construction management, through all stages of the process; by nature, it works in a fully 3D environment, with BIM technology, rendering software and post-production.

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