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The Changing Landscape of the Building Industry

Articles Central Innovation 22 August 2016

The Changing Landscape of the Building Industry

The landscape of the Building Industry is changing in leaps and bounds, especially among larger scale projects explains Director of Cottee Parker, Naveen Dath in his recent video interview as part of the GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference.

“Almost all projects, especially large scale projects that we work in are delivered through a design and construct process,” he explains. As a result of this he is finding that a lot of builders are driving the adoption of BIM in their projects, which in turn is producing a definite shift in the industry to the way projects are being approached and managed.

He sees this drive for BIM as truly beneficial for the industry. From their perspective they are then able not only to model at the start, but also collaborate with other consultants and integrate a full BIM model from start to finish. They are also able to examine the model and problem solving in a 3D environment before starting to issue drawings and construction, which reduces errors and increases efficiency, saving time and money for all parties involved.

He explains that while there are many 3D modelling platforms on the market for the start of a project, where BIM really comes to forefront is when they translate that concept or schematic model and take it all the way through the entire workflow to make it into a reality.

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