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3D Cutaway in Archicad

Tips and Tricks Luca Kornelia Kosa 21 February 2022

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3D Cutaway in Archicad

You can create 3D Cutaways on your floor plans or sections. These then can be shown in the 3D views / 3D documents / Renderings.

  1. Navigate to your floor plan / section view
  2. Activate the 3D Cutaway from the Toolbar or from View > Elements in 3D View > 3D Cutaway…
  3. You can create a new Cutting plane by grabbing one from the side with Cutting plane handles. If you don’t like the position, you can grab the Cutting plane and drag it to the ‘bin’ on the side
  4. You can check the result in 3D – Make sure that the 3D Cutaway… option is active there too.
  5. You can turn on and off the 3D cutaway by turning on and off the 3D Cutaway icon

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