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Add ‘Autotext’ Tags Notes to the CI Doors and Windows Schedule

Tips and Tricks Andras Bognar 27 May 2020

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Add ‘Autotext’ Tags Notes to the CI Doors and Windows Schedule
You can add ‘autotext’ tags into the schedule notes.
Go to the Schedule and then CI tools>Doors+Windows>Schedule Notes Manager, and add new Notes to the list.
Schedule Note Manager

Schedule notes manager


Now you can use them in the Doors and windows settings>CI Tools Schedule Notes, just need to add what you would like to use.
Schedule Note Settings

Schedule notes 1


You can include the following tags to the Notes:


  • Zone number: <ZONE>
  • Zone name: <ZONENAME>


  • Total Area: <TOTALAREA>
  • Daylight Area: <DAYLIGHTAREA>
  • Clear Glazed Area: <CLEARGLASSAREA>
  • Vented Area: <VENTEDAREA>
  • Thermal U Value: <UVAL>
  • Thermal UA Value: <UAVAL>

Parameters for Listing


  • Operation Type: <LIST_OPERATION>
  • Glazing: <LIST_GLAZING>
  • Finish: <LIST_FINISH>
  • Note/Remarks: <LIST_NOTE>


  • Manufacturer: <LIST_MANU>
  • Unit Cost: <LIST_COST>


  • Location: <LIST_LOCATION>
  • Elevation: <LIST_ELEV>


  • Hardware Set: <LIST_HARDWARE>
  • Lockset: <LIST_LOCKSET>
  • Hinges: <LIST_HINGES>
  • Accessories: <LIST_ACCESS>


  • Header Detail: <LIST_HEADDET>
  • Jamb Detail: <LIST_JAMBDET>
  • Sill Detail: <LIST_SILLDET>


  • Fire Rating: <LIST_FIRERATING>
  • Acoustic Rating: <LIST_ACOUSTICRATING>
  • Heat Transfer: <LIST_HEATTRANS>
  • Total Glass Area: <LIST_GLASSAREA>
  • Total Glass Perimeter: <LIST_GLASSEDGE>


  • All glass surfaces: <GLASS_MATERIAL>
  • All frame surfaces: <FRAME_MATERIAL>
  • Timber reveal surface: <REVEAL_MATERIAL>
  • All trim surfaces: <TRIM_MATERIAL>
  • Exterior trim surface: <EXTERIOR_TRIM_MATERIAL>
  • Interior trim surface: <INTERIOR_TRIM_MATERIAL>
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