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Adding Object Parameters to a Schedule

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 25 May 2023


Adding Object Parameters to a Schedule

When creating a Schedule, sometimes the list of Fields does not cover the specific data you want to schedule about that element. This is especially the case with objects, as objects often contain custom parameters which can’t be scheduled using the default Fields.

Luckily, these parameters can be added to the schedule by clicking the arrow next to the ‘Add Fields…‘ button in the schedule’s Scheme Settings and selecting ‘Library Part Parameters

This will open the window seen below. Selecting an object will show you a list of available parameters, I recommend sorting by Name and looking for key words.

In this example we are adding the calculated area of a Roof Covering element. You will need to navigate to Archicad Library 26 ➔ CI Tools Library 26 ➔ Coverings.lcf ➔ Container to find this specific object.

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