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Align Elements

Tips and Tricks Khan 19 July 2023


How to Align Elements

1.Select the elements you wish to align.

2.Go to Edit > Align and choose one of the following operations:

Left: If you choose Edit > Align > Left, all selected elements will be aligned to the leftmost bounding-box point of the element that is located farthest to the left.

In this example, we want to align the three windows shown in Section view.


Select all three windows and use Edit > Align Left.


Right: If you choose Edit > Align > Right, all selected elements will be aligned to the rightmost bounding-box point of the element located farthest to the right.

•In the illustration below, the arc wall is the rightmost element; the rest of the walls (their rightmost points) are aligned to the rightmost point on the arc wall’s bounding box.

Top/Bottom: If you choose Edit > Align > Top or Bottom, all selected elements will be aligned to the topmost (or bottommost) point on the element that is the top (or bottom) element of the selected group.

•In the example below, we want to move up the window on the left, so that it lines up with other two windows.


•To achieve this, we select all the windows, then use Edit > Align > Top to obtain the desired result.


Refer to this link for more information and tool features – https://help.graphisoft.com/AC/26/INT/index.htm#t=_AC26_Help%2F030_Interaction%2F030_Interaction-77.htm

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