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Archicad Bug Reporter – What Is It?

Tips and Tricks Sonya Grabez 28 March 2024


What is a Bug Report and why is it Important?

The Graphisoft Bug Reporter starts automatically whenever your program crashes.

Instinct can be to close this dialogue as quickly as possible and get back to work, but a few clicks can provide important information to enhance your software experience.

When lodging a Support ticket, including the BUG ID or a screenshot of the Bug Report Dialogue can help to efficiently identify and resolve the issue.

From the appearing dialog, choose to send either a Detailed or an Anonymous bug report.

The Bug Reporter gathers information about your hardware configuration, system software and GRAPHISOFT applications you have installed on your computer. Unlike the Anonymous Report, the Detailed Report also includes your description of the problem, plus computer name, user name and license data.

This information is extremely useful to identify common software issues, so they can be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

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