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Auto Dimension Scheme

Tips and Tricks Tianshuo Sun 14 April 2021

Auto Dimension Scheme

The Auto Dimension Scheme tool in SOLIDWORKS can automatically allpies dimensions and tolerances to the manufacturing features of a part.

The tool’s objective is to fully contrain, for size and location , the selected features using a set of reference or datum features.

You can find this tool at the DimXpertManager > Auto Dimension Scheme in SOLIDWORKS.

Auto Dimension Scheme tool

The tool is also can be found under Tools> MBD Dimension > Auto Dimension Scheme.

Auto Dimension Scheme on MBD Dimension

Run this function, it will take you to the Auto Dimension Scheme Property Manager:

Auto Dimension Scheme Property Manager

You can choose different settings for the dimensions, set the reference features as interest and choose the features to be included.

Take this part as am example:

I have chosen the Turned part type, Plus and Minus for the Tolerance type, Linear as the Pattern Dimension type, and choose the three default planes as reference features.

choosing three default planes

The result is showing like this:

the result of choosing three default planes

After adding these dimensions with Auto Dimension Scheme tool, you can publish your part to eDrawings for review. The dimensions will be preserved there automatically.

publishing your part to eDrawings for review

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